Skarra Mucci´s 4th album is about love, positivity and consciousness as Reggaeville says “it’s the bomb”. This artist, also known as the “Lyric Millionaire”, proves once again that he “is convincing on reggae as well as dancehall productions with his unique style, his powerful voice and his versatility” writes Reggae Rhein Main.

The album was created by collaborations with some of Europe’s most renowned producers, like the Swiss production team Weedy G which prouced the rootsy “Jah Blessings”, the lovers rock tunes “Love Light”, “The Letter” and the dancehall anthems “Raggamuffin”, “Big Dreams”, “Herbman Anthem” and “Suppa Star”; or the German based SoulForce which brought about a new version of Delroy Wilsons reggae classic “Movie Star” (also featured on the Riddim Sampler 2/12), Dizzle´s roots clasic “Informer” and the Dancehall tracks “My Number” and “Complain” for Renegade Music and Moritz von Korff of Oneness Records who produced the rootsy, lovers rock tune “Love Mi Fi Mi” which also features Kiprich for the new Reggaeville label.

Furthermore there is an italian lovers rock production by Bizzari Records called “My Girl” which has a feature of the befriended and renowned Dance and R&B artist U-Jean and “Steppin Outta” a real roots reggae song produced by Flash Hit Rec. France.

According to Riddim magazine the “the last real Raggamuffin is bringing back early Dancehall styles in a new vibe with his Return of the Raggamuffin” which is dedicated to all those that paved the way for Reggae Dancehall and left way to soon and to the living legends that help keep the real foundation Reggae Dancehall alive.

Track list:

  1. Lyric Millonaer
  2. Jah Blessings
  3. Steppin Outta
  4. Feel Alright
  5. Love Light
  6. My Girl feat. U-Jean
  7. The Letter
  8. Insane (Trouble-Trouble)
  9. Informer
  10. Movie Star feat. Delroy Wilson
  11. Raggamuffin
  12. Big Dreams
  13. Herbman Anthem
  14. My Number
  15. Complain
  16. Love Mi Fi Mi feat Kiprich
  17. Suppa Star


Available on CD, Vinyl LP & Digital Download


Release Date:    13th  of April 2012
Order Number:  SMROTR12
EAN-Code:   7640128410638
Label:     KSK International / Sound Quake

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